Mom Style Refresh: Update Your Postpartum Wardrobe With Ease

How to use a pre-planned capsule wardrobe plan to refresh your postpartum wardrobe quickly (and without the need for any personal fashion experience!)

This mini course is designed to use in conjunction with your outfit guide or at least the free wardrobe plan.

To purchase an outfit guide, go here.

To use just a free version of a wardrobe plan, visit:

- Stay at Home Mom's Wardrobe Plan

- Mom's Business Wardrobe Plan

- Kid's Wardrobe Plan

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  STEP 1: Clean Out the Clutter
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  STEP 2: Print your capsule checklist
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Corina Holden
Corina Holden

Hey! I'm Corina, married to my guy for ten years and mama of three precious boys.

When I first became a mom, I found it a lot harder to find the time to get dressed intentionally each day. I also needed comfortable clothes and was home all day a lot of the time. To top it off, shopping by myself didn't happen as often as it used to!

It became frustrating to feel "the frump" threatening to take over. I was easy prey because I didn't know much about fashion. Trends scared me and I played it safe.

In 2016 I decided to do something about it and started reading about what my wardrobe needed. I wanted everything to mix and match easily and I needed to work with what I had. I was on a budget but I didn't want to look frumpy!

Turns out I wasn't the only mom feeling this way. The blog has become a popular place for moms who need fashion simplified for everyday life.

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